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Taylor Maid - The Brand

Taylor made floaty tops are already known world-wide.  Unique, comfortable, stylish clothes for women with figures! Skimming over lifes  imperfections, providing effortless style based loosely on the trending lagenlook using layers, simple shapes and unstructured garments and softly flowing fabrics in diverse colours, patterns and textiles. I am fabric-driven so I can't resist a beautiful fabric that talks to me and tells me what they want to be,  whether that's vintage silk saris from India, damask table cloths or colourful scarves from China.

As soon as I squeal ooh! ooh! ooh! then it's a must-have!

Being a woman of "shape" myself I can identify with the desire to be stylish and elegant yet comfortable and covered whilst not maintaining my super-model figure. Taylor Maid is all about skimming elegantly over lifes imperfections and allowing you to walk tall in style and comfort.

The core of my business is what I call my "Floaty Tops." A simple, unstructured garment in beautiful flowing fabrics enhancing evry body type and appealing to all age ranges. They can be short or long, worn on their own, layered with other contrasting or coordinating garments, loose or belted; the "Look" is yours. Whether you make it a simple cotton house coat, a beach cover-up or an elegant evening statement- piece their diversity is endless. If you can't find exactly what you want in the Gallery or the Shop please contact me with your specific desires and I will relish the challenge and I never turn down the chance to go fabric shopping!

Some of the fabric designs have lead me to utilise them in other ways - this is where my designs for jackets were born. The patterns and edgings have determined how the fabric can be used and how best to show them off. My jackets follow the concept of simple design and construction allowing the fabric to be the star and you the leading lady. Soft, adaptable and versatile they can be worn as a beach cover-up, dressing gown or elegant evening wear - or even on your next cruise?

To complement my clothing range I also make a range of elegant hats. These started as a project to re-purpose fabrics but has now taken on a life of its own to become a wide-ranging collection of headware going from fun, cheeky cotton sun-hats through warm, comfy fur fabrics to elegant, stylish occasion hats; all with a hint of "Downton Abbey" style.

Now available for mail-order my range of hats can be seen at the weekly craft market at Trapiche Gardens near Velez-Malaga.Spain

My services

First and foremost I enjoy providing stylish, comfortable tops, trousers and hats that complement and enhance the wide variety of customers and their individual requirements. Each item is unique avoiding any possibility of arriving at a function only to find someone wearing the identical outfit! Just as important is that it needs to be fun, easy to wear and requires only the minimum of effort to keep it looking great - especially in hotter climes!

Zippers & Buttons


Although not my favourite job the number of times a pair of trousers or jeans are discarded because the zip has come apart is distressing especially if they are your best fitting, most comfortable or just the right colour to go with the top you want to wear. It is worth the effort and will extend the life of them by years. If the buttons fastening them fails they can be restored to full use simply and cost-effectively.



We all change shape over time and now you can keep that garment you loved but is not as flattering as it once was by having it expertly altered or adjusted for a fraction of the price of finding something new - that you might not love quite as much!

Hems & Linings


Yes they do fall down and come apart but that is no reason to despair. Hems can be altered, raised or lowered (where possible) and made good as new. Linings can be repaired so that your favourite garments are available for you to wear in comfort and the knowledge that they both look and feel great. You will also have the security of knowing that neither the heat of the day or the dampness in the evening air will have any effect on the beauty of the silhouette you and your outfit make.



Take a look at some of the beadwork on the garments in the Gallery.

General Sewing of any Kind 


Whether you have had an altercation with jagged rocks or need help deciding on the best way to rejuvenate your fading shorts just ask and find out what can be done. A stitch in time may save a lot more than just nine! We all have our own ideas about style and fashion; bring yours to life and enjoy the process.

So whether you want            this                                     or this                    it's yours for the asking!

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